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Originally Posted by Jrod View Post
only once actually. I just think it's dumb. and I'm not stupid enough to fall for that "here's the real premier break" link trick. I've been around the net for longer than you think.
Here's the text from that link for the real break. It's listed a few threads down from this one on the site as well:

My other Premier thread was obviously a Rick Roll April Fools joke, but my real box came today.

1. Base card Reggie Jackson 3/15
2. Premier Rookie Signatures Luke Hochevar 84/99
3. Premier Stitchings Yankees patch Mariano Rivera 20/25
4. Premier Combos dual jersey Prince Fielder/David Ortiz 42/50
5. Premier Swatches triple Eddie Murray 7/10
6. Signature Premier Micah Owings 30/45
7. Premier Rookie Signatures Ian Kennedy 274/299
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