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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
Well it seems like this option is favored already...Keeping two from a first round results in loss of the next to subsequent picks...

IF you keep two firsts and a second then you loose your 1, 2, 3 and 4

IF you keep three firsts then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 even though the chances of this happening is highly unlikely

IF you keep two firsts and a 3rd then it has the same consequences as keeping two firsts and a second...1,2,3,4

I wish more league managers would weigh in on this.
Originally Posted by jbmets95 View Post
i might have explained it wrong...

he basically traded away arian foster to get a first round pick...

one guy will potentially keep foster and trich (i believe) and lose hi 1st,2nd,3rd


the other guy will have 2 first round draft picks next year
I thought we agreed on these rules? Keeping two firsts results in a loss of the next two subsequent picks. Doesnt that mean First rounder one (lost as a first round) First rounder two (lost as that spot+2)...shouldnt that be 1-4 then? If not then thats just saying the second first rounder counts as a second rounder and you only loose one extra round

And I get what you are saying about the one who is getting the 1st round draft pick but he is getting it from a guy who has 2 first round players..if he keeps one of those players then he never had a 1st round pick to give up. This means that the one who received foster cannot hold onto any players since he gave up his first round selection and cannot use it on foster or his other first round player he drafted. Thats why it wont make sense unless he really isnt intending on keeping foster or T-rich if that is who he selected for himself.
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