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If u keep 2 first round players u only lose 1-3

this is ur message from before

""""""Well it seems like this option is favored already...Keeping two from a first round results in loss of the next to subsequent picks...

IF you keep two firsts and a second then you loose your 1, 2, 3 and 4

IF you keep three firsts then 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 even though the chances of this happening is highly unlikely

IF you keep two firsts and a 3rd then it has the same consequences as keeping two firsts and a second...1,2,3,4

I wish more league managers would weigh in on this."""""

The question should be answered is:

if u keep 2 firsts and a second,

do u lose




i vote 1-5

anyway keeping 2 firsts u lose 1-3

Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
That is correct. He does not have a first round to give up in a trade if he is intending on keeping T-Rich or Foster. Make sure he knows that.

And for future reference, keeping 2 first round players isnt a loss in only 1-3. Its 1-4

Keeping two firsts results in a loss of the next two subsequent picks. Doesnt that mean First rounder one (lost as a first round) First rounder two (lost as that spot+2)...shouldnt that be 1-4 then? If not then thats just saying the second first rounder counts as a second rounder and you only loose one extra round
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