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I think its crazy that some1 should lose

a 2nd round pick 3rd round pick AND 4th round pick

just to keep a 2nd 1st round pick

lets not forget, to get the additional top player other top players were given up as well...

im confused cause i thot we agreed and like u said in that post that ppl agreed to that keeping 2 first round players would result in losing rounds 1-3
Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
In the thread that you quoted me on doesnt specifically say the rule for just keeping two first rounders....all it hints at is "Keeping two from a first round results in loss of the next to subsequent picks... "

It doesnt make sense to loose only 1-3. Something needs to be changed then. If its only 1-3 then it is pretty much the equivalent of keeping a first round player and a second round player with the penalty of one round. Who wouldnt want to keep their two first rounders if the penalty is only one round....I see how there can be an issue with the newly decided rules...maybe something needs to be amended?
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