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Hi folks,

I have a huge collection of cards from around 1988-1996. I understand that many of the cards were overproduced and aren't worth much. However, I still have a ton of inserts, parallels, oddballs, and occasionally rookies or stars from premium sets with a BV between $2 and $20 and a current low price on checkoutmycards between $.50 and $5. My question is how fast can I expect items from the early 90's to move. I'm worried about paying to send in a lot of cards, and then getting no sales. I tried ebay but only sold 12 of my first 100 auctions. I believe having to pay for individual shipping is putting many of my cards out of reach of buyer's price range, which is why I'm considering COMC. Would love to hear about your experiences.

Thanks for your help!
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