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No, none of this is what my assumption was. What I thought we agreed to was that you lose 2 subsequent round to make up for the penalty... i.e. the following

For me in 2014:
1st Rd pick - Traded Away
2nd Rd pick & 3rd rd pick to keep Arian Foster
4th Rd pick & 5th rd pick to keep Trent Richardson.

I keep TWO players for 5 rounds of the 2014 draft. This was thoroughly explained in my earlier write up about a 2 rd subsequent penalty. I meet all the draft penalties in this situation. So I do NOT agree that this is what we concurred upon. I think losing 5 rds of draft to keep TWO players is more than sufficient penalty.

To add on, if I elect to trade away both of these players this year, I could very well end up with 2 1st rd picks by trading them away and then potentially redrafting them in the 2014 draft anyways. In that case, I would actually gain an advantage because I wouldn't suffer anywhere near the penalty than keeping them.

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