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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
Really sorry for the lack of updates-- first our editor was out of the office unexpectedly for a few days, then NYCC hit... a perfect convergence of distractions!

Here are the odds from the back of the wrapper:

Gold Parallel 1:12
Heritage Parallel 1:4
Early Encounters Subset 1:8
Anatomy of a Martian Subset 1:12
Masterpieces Subset 1:6
Propaganda Subset 1:6
Propaganda "Graffitti" Parallel 1:192
Printing Plate 1:248
Munchkin Bonus Playing Card 1:111
Sketch Card 1:25
Creator Sketch Card 1:1670
Classic Creator Auto 1:417
Artist Base Card Auto 1:111
Comic Creator Auto 1:1670
WB Movie Auto 1:167
Buyback: 1:1246
Concept Parallel 1:48
"Extra Gore" 1:72
"Extra Gore" Gold Parallel 1:1113
Patch Relics 1:109
Medallion Relics 1:108
Loaded Sketch Packs (2) 1:1055
Loaded Sketch Packs (4) 1:3152

All odds are approximate, and i'm a little peeved they listed the "Extra Gore" and "Graffitti Parallels" which were intended to be unannounced short print variants... :/

Will see about an artist list this week.
If Topps QC gets this right, this has the potential to be one of the best releases I have seen. And if the patches and medallions have SPs like Galactic Files did, that will be a huge bonus.
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