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Originally Posted by usafshelland View Post
No, none of this is what my assumption was. What I thought we agreed to was that you lose 2 subsequent round to make up for the penalty... i.e. the following

For me in 2014:
1st Rd pick - Traded Away
2nd Rd pick & 3rd rd pick to keep Arian Foster
4th Rd pick & 5th rd pick to keep Trent Richardson.

I keep TWO players for 5 rounds of the 2014 draft. This was thoroughly explained in my earlier write up about a 2 rd subsequent penalty. I meet all the draft penalties in this situation. So I do NOT agree that this is what we concurred upon. I think losing 5 rds of draft to keep TWO players is more than sufficient penalty.

To add on, if I elect to trade away both of these players this year, I could very well end up with 2 1st rd picks by trading them away and then potentially redrafting them in the 2014 draft anyways. In that case, I would actually gain an advantage because I wouldn't suffer anywhere near the penalty than keeping them.
Originally Posted by jbmets95 View Post
the first post explicitly says if u keep 2 first and a second then u lose 1,2,3

and clearly the first round is needed

each scenario in the picture includes giving a first round pick away....

anyone else have any opinion on this issue??
Also on ESPN you say:NOTE: Your last rule posted on Oct 9th is exactly what I'm doing in keeping 3 Firsts... i.e. Arian Foster, Trent Richardson, and trading away my 1st rd selection. That would be 3 1st rd selection, and then losing rounds 1-5.

On that, I will say I AM authorized to keep Arian Foster AND Trent Richardson given my pending trade. The rule is written right there.

Where are you getting an extra first round pick to trade away from? You say you are keeping three firsts? Everyone only has one first round pick. If you trade it away you cannot keep a player which NEEDS a first round to be kept with.

The rules that were posted were regarding keeping more than one player from the same round only. Had nothing to do with trades. For trades its simple, you cannot trade away a pick you dont have. To keep one first round pick, you MUST have your first round pick so it can be taken away. The rules were in regard to what to do if you want to keep a second first rounder since your first pick is already kept for the first 1st rounder you have.

While I do think that the punishment you came up with is ABSOLUTELY steep enough for what you say you are doing, it just makes absolutely no sense overall....You cant trade away you first round pick and then say the next two rounds will just cover it. You are trading away a pick you dont have if you keep any first round player(s)
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