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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
Also on ESPN you say:NOTE: Your last rule posted on Oct 9th is exactly what I'm doing in keeping 3 Firsts... i.e. Arian Foster, Trent Richardson, and trading away my 1st rd selection. That would be 3 1st rd selection, and then losing rounds 1-5.

On that, I will say I AM authorized to keep Arian Foster AND Trent Richardson given my pending trade. The rule is written right there.

Where are you getting an extra first round pick to trade away from? You say you are keeping three firsts? Everyone only has one first round pick. If you trade it away you cannot keep a player which NEEDS a first round to be kept with.

The rules that were posted were regarding keeping more than one player from the same round only. Had nothing to do with trades. For trades its simple, you cannot trade away a pick you dont have. To keep one first round pick, you MUST have your first round pick so it can be taken away. The rules were in regard to what to do if you want to keep a second first rounder since your first pick is already kept for the first 1st rounder you have.

While I do think that the punishment you came up with is ABSOLUTELY steep enough for what you say you are doing, it just makes absolutely no sense overall....You cant trade away you first round pick and then say the next two rounds will just cover it. You are trading away a pick you dont have if you keep any first round player(s)
Originally Posted by mikeman7322 View Post
Honestly, I see it both sides and its hard to say which I agree with.

The only thing that I find problematic is that, yes YOU lose a 1st, however a first round pick is not taken away from the draft. A first round talent is lost AND the 1st round pick that would of been lost is still able to be picked. That is what I dont think is fair.

I don't know if anyone will understand my logic from above, but because of that, I feel its unfair to keep first rounders if you dont have a first to lose.
Originally Posted by WhoDatNation View Post
You definitely shouldn't be allowed to keep a first rounder if you don't have one to lose. Shouldn't even be an argument about it.
No where in the rules is there anything stating that I have to HAVE a 1st Rd selection in order to keep a 1st Rd player. NO ONE has shown me where in the rules it states that explicitly. Please post it up if you can show me exactly where that is, I do not see it.

My stance: It's not in the rules, but you guys are trying to punish me for something that doesn't exist in the rules??? Crazy... This is almost as bad as saying, hey I don't like that trade, I'll veto it and with a single vote so that trade doesn't go through.
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