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Originally Posted by WhoDatNation View Post
Didn't the rules state you lose a first if you keep a first rounder?
I believe this was the conclusion that we all came up with?!!....
Originally Posted by usafshelland View Post
No where in the rules is there anything stating that I have to HAVE a 1st Rd selection in order to keep a 1st Rd player. NO ONE has shown me where in the rules it states that explicitly. Please post it up if you can show me exactly where that is, I do not see it.

My stance: It's not in the rules, but you guys are trying to punish me for something that doesn't exist in the rules??? Crazy... This is almost as bad as saying, hey I don't like that trade, I'll veto it and with a single vote so that trade doesn't go through.
The rule list doest state everything...this isnt a constitution where every single detail is outlined. It doesnt say a lot of things that are still clear. This has nothing to do with vetoing....if you keep a first round player you MUST have a first round pick to give up. You cant trade away something you dont have if you plan on keeping a first rounder. It has nothing to do with us not thinking the trade is fair, it just is completely not logical...
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