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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
I believe this was the conclusion that we all came up with?!!....

The rule list doest state everything...this isnt a constitution where every single detail is outlined. It doesnt say a lot of things that are still clear. This has nothing to do with vetoing....if you keep a first round player you MUST have a first round pick to give up. You cant trade away something you dont have if you plan on keeping a first rounder. It has nothing to do with us not thinking the trade is fair, it just is completely not logical...
The rule list SHOULD state everything...and NO WHERE does it state you MUST have a first round pick to keep a first round only states the penalty for keeping a 1st rd pick and subsequent picks. I still fall in lines of the keeper penalties.

Besides, you are the one whom started this stink in the first place and have no vestment into this what gives???
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