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Originally Posted by usafshelland View Post
The rule list SHOULD state everything...and NO WHERE does it state you MUST have a first round pick to keep a first round only states the penalty for keeping a 1st rd pick and subsequent picks. I still fall in lines of the keeper penalties.

Besides, you are the one whom started this stink in the first place and have no vestment into this what gives???
Started this stink? I wanted to be clear since a trade was proposed to me where I could possibly acquire a 2nd first rounder and we had no rules regarding this situation...Dont you think that it would be reasonable to try and see what the league thinks about this before I consider a trade like that? Why wouldnt one want to keep both first rounders if they acquire it...I wanted it to be more clear. I then got an answer form the league and decided I did not want to acquire that second first rounder. And no vestment in this? I am a league member and if this trade goes through then there will be more problems and controversies when others try and do the same thing (even if its unintentional) when it makes no sense. Would like to try and avoid that. We are all paying for a spot. Again, see this trade as 100% fair BUT makes absolutely no logical sense since you dont have a first to give up if you plan on keeping a first rounder. I think that is pretty clear. It seems you are outnumbered here and this isnt just "me" thinking this. It makes no sense what is going on in your trade. If we go by what you are thinking then we can have unlimited first round picks as long as we can take away the next to available rounds.
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