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Big big mailday today...

Today started out blah...the wife and I were supposed to head to the Mudcats game today to try to get Ackley and some other players autos...but the wife has been sick so we decided to maybe go tomorrow instead...stay tuned.

It turned out to be a big mailday however....

First UPS showed up with 2 for me and one for the wife.

Mine had an autographed 8x10 of Jason Heyward that I bought from Just Minors for a recent signing they had. I think it was $39...a bargain for what others of his are going for! I will post pics later.

My wife received an autographed Colts mini-helmet from Peyton Manning with personalization and his number inscribed! Very nice! The funny thing is we had return shipping on a box for him and the foundation instead shipped it via UPS at THEIR EXPENSE!! They also returned our $20 check. We are thinking of sending back a donation since he signed a card and mini-helmet for us!

In today's regular mail...

Lee Smith came back unsigned 0/2 with price list.

Garrett Anderson (about 2 months wait) signed 1/2 in blue sharpie. Luckily he did sign the Allen and Ginter, which was my preference (if he only signed one).

Tony LaRussa (about 2 months wait) signed 1/1 in blue sharpie with "10" inscribed.

Jamie Moyer signed 3/3 in black sharpie (about 3 months)


Jim Langer (HOF) signed 2/2 in blue sharpie (about 3 weeks time)

Emerson Boozer signed 3/3 (about 2 weeks time) in black sharpie with personalizations on 2 and "32" inscribed. He also sent a very nice note on an index card that was also signed. Very nice response!!
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