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Default Andretti Racing team IP autos 5/27

ALL on 8x10s unless noted
Marco Andretti 1/1 (help), 1/1 (pic i got with him after a pacer game this year) - when my dad handed him the blue sharpie and the pic he said, "Oh, Ebay" lol. definitely one of the coolest "athletes" i've ever met, took the time on each pic to find where it would look best to sign and when i handed him my blue paint pen he asked if it would show up, then proceeded to test it on something he had next to him.
Tony Kanaan 1/2, 1/1 (help) - signed my pic with a paint pen, and i had to flip the page for danica who was next. sig smeared from that pic onto the one next to it. two wasted 8x10s. awesome.
Danica Patrick 2/2, 3/3 (help, two were cards) - may be one of the unfriendliest non-NBA "athletes" i've ever met. there's a few reasons i don't like danica, and the way she acts to people (NOT just autographers) is one of them.

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