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One artist here we removed 75 cards from because they were not up to snuff, and we wanted to keep the quality higher on this one. Said artist is in the "less than 25" pile.

As you can see, most artists did 50 or 100 cards while Jason Crosby, Jason Chalker, Jason Flowers and Mark Finneral (and myself) did some additional cards at the end to make up for the ones we removed for poor quality (and one artist who never did any of the 200 he was contracted for) so they did 100+ (but only Chalker ended up with 200 or more-- I ended up with 80 total, for example, I think Crosby did 150). None of the numbers include returns.

We hoped by keeping most artists at 100 or 50 we could ensure a higher standard. Nothing is ever PERFECT, but we tried damned hard to make this sketch set the best it could be.

One interesting historical note, this series sets the record for most amount of Jasons!

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