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Exclamation Free Boobies.

Free hit spot in the random hit for 2013 Benchwarmer National Edition.

Its not that i don't give away enough benchwarmers already lol

An awesssome $12 value.

how do i get the spot?
1. guess how many serial # 1/1 benchwarmer cards I have!
2. tiebreaker guess how many of those are Cassandra Lynn
3. My favorite Benchwarmer girl that i don't really actively collect that isn't Cassandra Lynn, Angela Fong, or Brandy Grace. (hint: she doesn't pose for playboy as far as i know)

1. 15
2. 5
3. Lisa Gleave

Bonus: Guess the first two correctly you will get 4 bonus benchwarmer autos from my collection.
Double Bonus: Guess all 3 correct and i'll send you a box of 1992 or 1994 and you will get a boobie draft spot as well ($25 value!).

Multiple people can guess the same answer but only the first person to post the correct answer will be eligible for the extra bonuses... if multiple people get the first 2 questions correct, they will all get spots in the hit draft. Everyone who guesses the first one correctly only will get a free benchwarmer auto.

One guess per member. No editing, you will be disqualified.
I'll take up to 50 total entries!
Let's go!!

Collecting Chicago Bulls/Chicago Bears/Tennis/Olympic/Golf
Benchwarmer/Non-sports Breaker here on BO.

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