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Originally Posted by 2012space852 View Post
is it true that flawless and immaculate was the brainchild of a distributor who has tons of leftover panini product and is losing a ton of money, so persuaded panini to make a high end product, that was available to distributors only, and this distributor would be allotted the highest amount of cases and could set the market value? i am beginning to think the panini dudes didnt really want to do these 2 products but had to....
I heard the same thing...
That there is one distributor who has majority of all the Flawless case, making it "Rare-r"
There is no doubt IMO that Flawless price is being manipulated for that reason
I don't think it is "sold out"

I am sure Panini "wants to" make these two, it just means more money for them
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