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Originally Posted by Pat3ntP3nd1ng View Post
Its quite possible he mixed up Immaculate push back date with Flawless.

That said, if they push it back again then they damn sure better make some late stage additions. I.E. a Kobe jumbo patch (still curious as to why this isn't in the product), and quite possibly a Logoman set even if doesn't have many players, Auto or non-Auto. The longer they delay the more they will be criticized if there are any shortcomings upon release.
As the collecting world anxiously awaits the arrival of Panini America’s powder-keg conclusion to the 2012-13 NBA collecting season (first with the release of Flawless Basketball next Friday followed a few weeks later by Immaculate Basketball), the product developments for those two releases keep getting better and better.
Late last week, Panini Authentic’s Brian Bayne traveled to Las Vegas for an extensive signing session with the incomparable Kobe Bryant, one of Panini America’s exclusive superstar spokesmen. In addition to autographing several new items for Panini Authentic, Bryant also added his priceless penmanship to every last one of his autographs slated for 2012-13 Immaculate Basketball.

This is from today. Either no one talks to each other at Panini or it's still 10/25.
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