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Originally Posted by omahacolts View Post
I'm already in contact with a member about this through pm but here's what I sent him and what the problem is:

here's the gist of it:

have a desktop at work that we use for everything. It has 2 hard drives. One is a ssd hard drive and one is an ordinary hard drive. For some reason or another we shut off the system restore point on the computer awhile back. Last week we got a virus that nearly crashed the computer. So what we did was install a new operating system on the ordinary hard drive and once we did that we downloaded an anti-virus and then ran it on the ssd to clean up the hard drive. Once we cleaned up the hard drive we went to boot it up and now it wont boot. I dont care about losing any other files other than my quickbooks. It has all my information on it(sales, invoices, estimates, payroll, everything). We can access the files on the hard drive but we cant get the hard drive to boot up. Keep getting a blue screen error
yah that drive really needs to be removed from the computer and accessed externally via a USB adapter as the guys have suggested:
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