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Default 1000th POST GIVE AWAY

Title says it all, Finally hit #1000 & would like to show my appreciation to everyone that has helped. The winner will receive a 2007 Bowman's Best Justin Verlander Autograph Refractor (no serial #-ing).

I recently pulled a 2013 Bowman Luis Sardinas Autograph Refractor #/500, the person(s) that guess the serial # by the time the contest ends will win. If more then 1 person guesses the serial # I will ask a mod to random the winners names 3x and the #1 spot will win. This will be totally free I will obviously cover shipping.

I do have a few rules
1.) Contest will end in on NOVEMBER 1st
2.) No person(s) from Boston will receive the Verlander instead they will receive a 2013 Bowman David Ortiz Printing Plate (Black I think, will look when I get home)
3.) Must end the post with GO TIGERS! or your guess will not count

4.) Since the ALDS is over everyone is eligible for the Verlander, if you prefer the Ortiz please let me know & ill send that instead.

since I didn't specify what happens if no one guesses im going to extend the contest until NOV. 1st @ 6pm est. If no one has guessed the right #, the closest # will be the winner.
Since no one has guessed the right # im going to add a new rule allowing everyone to make 2 guesses.
If you have already guessed once you get 1 more guess, if you have not guessed you can post 2 guesses.

Here is a pic of the Sardinas
1000th POST GIVE AWAY-2013-10-17-00.19.02.jpg

Night Shifter I'll respond asap. ... sorry to inconvenience you

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