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Originally Posted by Michael Miracle View Post
I vote no to the three year rule, AND no to the rule you proposed. Keeper Leagues are all about drafting for future potential. If someone grabs a rookie with a late round pick, they should be able to reap the benefits of their good choice for years to come. And we all already had agreed rounds one through three are an equal penalty as a keeper (ex. Brees was a second round pick this year, and would valued at a second round pick until he is no longer kept and redrafted by another team...).

We seriously need to stop trying to make new rules until at least the end of the fantasy season. Sorry to everyone whose team isn't doing too well and you're looking towards the future, but we can not penalize those who drafted well to aid those who are now looking toward next season...
I 1/2 agree with what you state. The other problem with keeper leagues is if a team is outright dominating year in/year out, why would anyone come back and spend more of their money. 1) leaves no incentive to stay in the league, and 2) leaves no incentive for new people to join the league. Sure, it's great for the guy who wins year in/year out.
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