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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
I agree with this.

I agree if a team is outright dominating then it may discourage other from coming back but that is why we have reversals in the draft order (last place gets 1st pick next season...first place gets last pick next season). Allowing teams to build for the future (hopefully more than three years) would be hampered by having a rule like that.
Exactly. And here is the thing, just because certain players, especially RB's that are kept as a keeper, are valued high, there is no guarantee that player will live up to the pick in which was forfeited to keep said player. There are countless players who suffer major injuries each year, as well as sharing carries/catches with team mates, injuries to teammates that effect said player's production, and the fact that every star in the league is one year closer to the end of his career every year, that just shows the importance of drafting well, but also having a plan for the future.

Ex. If you drafted Peyton Manning and Tony Gonzalez high this year, you're probably doing well in this league. But in year three? Gonzalez would have retired, and who knows with Manning. But if you're someone who drafted Julio Jones, Eddie Lacy, and Andrew Luck with a mind towards the future, you should be at a good place come year three. It all depends on your strategy for the now and your strategy for the future. By creating rules that limit teams even further than the already agreed upon rules, we limit the importance of a good drafting strategy.

And yes, I understand, some teams may be stronger than others next year, but how is that the fault of anyone but the team that didn't draft well? And, as previously mentioned, that is why we have the snake draft as we do. Worst teAm, first pick. If that pick doesn't pan out, it is only the fault of the team that made that pick, and no other team should have to pay for their mistake. plus, we have already paid for the first three seasons, I don't see anyone leaving before those three seasons are over, no matter how much a couple of teams may be dominating...

Sorry if it seems like I'm going on, but I don't see how we can fault those who are good just for being good, because after all, isn't the point of being in a league, especially a money league, is to put together the best team you can within the rules to win?
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