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Originally Posted by usafshelland View Post
Serious Question... I know whom I'm keeping in 2014:

2nd rd, 2nd Rd, and 5th rd (which must be kept as 3rd rd due to keeper penalty application)...what do I have to have in picks to keep these 3???

This would be somewhat equivalent to the TWO 1st rd'ers and ONE 2nd rder that causes a team manager to lose 1-5, right?

So I technically have TWO 2nd rd'ers and ONE 3rd rder that causes me to lose 2-6, right?

I just want to make sure I'm interpreting our keeper league rules correctly with the masses.
Didn't you receive a second round pick in your previous trade? If so, that means you should sacrifice both second round picks if you choose to select two second round players as your keepers. Then the third round would be available for your fifth round keeper. That would leave you with your first actual draft pick in the fourth round (due to your previous trade of your first round pick...) That's my interpretation...
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