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Default 12-13 Panini Prime CASE BREAK!

I have always heard that buying a case will yield better hits than buying boxes randomly, the reasoning being that case hits exist? To test this theory, I chose to skip a mortgage payment and buy a case of 12-13 Panini Prime. If there is any truth to the economies of scale theory, receiving 56 cards for $1500 suggests some pretty valuable stuff? We shall see (BTW, just kidding about skipping the mortgage) And to prolong the excitement/anxiety, I thought I would open a few each day...

First box:

12-13 Panini Prime CASE BREAK!-casebreak1.jpg

Second box:

12-13 Panini Prime CASE BREAK!-casebreak2.jpg

Check back for the next box breaks!!

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12-13 Panini Prime CASE BREAK!-casebreak3.jpg   12-13 Panini Prime CASE BREAK!-casebreak4.jpg  
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