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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
Well if that wasnt what the majority wanted preseason then I'm not necessarily in favor.

I do think that it should be taken into consideration that trades or actions by managers could have been made because of the current keeper rules but if thats not the case or majority still wants them changed to what was stated in the preseason then I wouldnt be opposed to it. I am in the middle and can see cases for either decision. So put me in the neutral zone lol
I don't see it being mentioned that rounds 1-5 would be kept for rounds 1-5 when looking back through the thread. I see rounds 1-3 being kept for rounds 1-3 with subsequent rounds being kept for a 2 round draft penalty and being agreed to by many parties to the league during preseason... as far as trade considerations, yes it is impacting. Cromartie3145 (Team Donovan) and myself thought it was 1-3 with 2 round draft penalty for subsequent rounds. We are already in talks to make a trade again to completely reverse what we did. I'm also not sure what Sixburgh Steelers thinks as well (my other trade yesterday)

oh yea... I'll mark you down as "non-committal" right now,
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