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Originally Posted by Michael Miracle View Post
The bolded part is the last thing I remember about keeper rule changes, but I was also not active on the forums for a week or so due to some personal issues, so maybe I missed something...
Yep, that's about what I remember. I don't remember or see any discussion about the changes for 1-5 being kept as is, 5-7 being kept as 5, and all others beyond 7 being kept as a 2 round penalty.

Originally Posted by mikeman7322 View Post
Sixburgh steelers chiming in. Let me preface what I'm about to say by stating this: In the preseason I stated 2 round penalty for keeping a pick with no specification of which round this starts on. With that said, I know I would of wanted it only 1-3.

However, I made that trade assuming that Torrey (4th rounder) could be kept as a 4th (I even told Eric this)
I also agree with mikeman7322 about keepers applying to 1-3 in a round for round.

Looks like I'll be recalling all of my trades here shortly...mikeman7322, cromartie...PMs in-bound gentlemen.
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