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Originally Posted by WilsonValdez View Post
Wow, nice fking Warner. And Sylvester Morris!!!

You get the other boxes yet?
Yes. Skunked on both boxes 98 contenders, 2 other boxes of 2000 contenders netted me an urlacher rookie ticket auto (which is fantastic)

05 contenders was miserable

And they screwed up my order and sent me 2 boxes o 03-04 spx basketball instead of my 98 e-x football

Now I could've kept the spx valued at 2.5 times the e-x box, but I'm not that type of person.
Originally Posted by joem1cha3l View Post
whattttt are you doing busting wax? tired of the gator already? PM me on that warner
Oh the ranger is bought and paid for.

I had a bit of money left over, so I'm spending it doing what I love. Busting older wax. I don't ever plan on buying singles ever again, unless its a new peanut I need or an insert I need for a set.
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