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Originally Posted by bballcollector View Post
Sell me the damn Warner.
Barking orders is not going to get you in my pants sir
Originally Posted by nappyd View Post
hah, tim couch...that's like 20 qb's ago for cleveland
Originally Posted by pudge27t View Post
Whats the normal hits you get in this?
I pulled 3 autos in each box
Originally Posted by pfb11 View Post
lol. there was no such thing as 'hits' in 2000. At least... they weren't called that.
They were and still are called hits. Just fewer back then
Originally Posted by adamt326 View Post
Did you hit any other scrubs I need in the 05 box? Let me know what you want for that Gesser from '03. Nice box.
Yeah but I don't sell anymore so buy that one gesser for like 3 bucks on eBay mister
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