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Happy April Fool's Day!
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Below is all who I can find that is still eligible. Good Luck! Post any I missed.

Originally Posted by KidDemon View Post
1) Rushing - Adrian Peterson
2) Passing - Eli Manning
3) Receiving - AJ Green
Originally Posted by toypex View Post
1) Rushing - Ryan Matthews
2) Passing - Eli Manning
3) Receiving - Victor Cruz
Originally Posted by DDcards View Post
1) Adrian Peterson
2) Peyton Manning
3) Calvin Johnson
Originally Posted by scurvey90 View Post
Rushing) - Adrian Peterson
Passing) - Peyton Manning
Recieving) - AJ Green
Originally Posted by krush89 View Post
Rushing-Adrian Peterson
Passing-Peyton Manning
Receiving-Hakeem Nicks
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