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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
All I know is we ended up with way more 4-card puzzle packs than we anticipated. We toyed with the idea of splitting some up, but felt it wasn't right to do that, so we commissioned some more good ones (by Jason Crosby, Chalker, etc) to make up for the loss of singles.

Benficiary is the fans who will hopefully end up with lots of 4-card puzzle packs!
I know from reading this thread that there are some that aren't fans of the puzzles (for understandable reasons), but with Topps packing them with all four cards in the same pack, I think that would make them cool. You don't have to hunt on ebay for hours trying to find the remaining pieces.

I think you did say that the 3-card and 6-card puzzles were split though.

Either way, I enjoyed working on the puzzles better than the singles!!!
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