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Here is my guess on total number of cases....<1000. Perhaps around 800?

I come up with that doing rough math on the graphic provided on the artist list which was color coded with number of sketches drawn.

So, if 4 artists did 25 sketches, 7 did 200, and 62 did on average 80 (it says between 50-100), that comes out to 6,460 sketches. A sketch a box, comes out to 6460/8 or 807 cases. I know at least 50 were loaded packs with puzzles, and there were some creator sketches too, but roughly speaking those numbers seem to jive if that graphic is accurate.

Anyone agree, or am I missing something?

For the Heritage release, I am pretty sure there were over 14,000 sketches. I have a spreadsheet by artist which I account for 12,000 and there were at least 25 artists whose info I am missing.
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