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Originally Posted by usafshelland View Post
Partially true, but I'm also thinking of balance of power. Isn't that why NFL teams don't snake draft is because of balance of power?
I absolutely agree with this. Since we are shooting for a 3 year keeper league in which nobody knows each other well then this would be the most valuable method. We want to have everyone stay in for the three years. It is less encouraging for managers to stay each year if they fall behind and power is maintained in the top tier. Its not like we all are neighbors or grew up together and can give each other crap about not staying in the league. Here it is different. Balancing power should be used here to some degree.

Originally Posted by jbmets95 View Post
At first we agreed snake but thinking abt it regular draft should b considered...

We agreed snake in beginning so we should stick to it unless anyone has huge arguments against...

but if u think abt it... 1 and 24 isnt much better than 12 and 13... so not much of a disadvantage for next year...
Yea....didnt we all agree on snake reverse standings? Why change it now?
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