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Originally Posted by TarjetasBéisbol View Post
Thanks for reaching out to the author but why did you come at her with the negative angle? Why not just say that you saw the article and you wanted to know if some of us on the forum could help increase his collection?

No wonder she didn't want to share any information.
You are right. My intention was stop people from bashing him and try to see if we could help. Looking at what I wrote, I completely agree with you. It was poorly written.

As to why I wrote it the way I did, here is the honest answer:

I saw the comments jumping on him last night and was concerned there was something bigger at play. I wanted to diffuse the thread before it went to far. I emailed the author very quickly. I spent about 5 minutes writing it. The truth is I have pretty bad Attention Deficit Disorder. Usually anything I write I read, reread and then do it again. I rewrite every sentence multiple times.

If I don't slow down I end up typing the scattered thoughts that are in my head. If took my time writing that last night (and I should have) then I would have written half the words and it would have been well written. To type the email as I should have, I would have probably spent more than an hour getting it right.

I appreciate you posting this. I feel really bad because I really was trying to do something good. I need to be reminded every now and then to slow down and unfortunately this is one of those times.

(This post took me 21 minutes)

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