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First of all, this happens all the time. One person says something negative and more people pile on. Doesn't matter what it's about. Those claiming the people on the board suck or whatever, it is what it is. This will happen again and again. How often does someone post a not-so interesting post and 10 people have to say, "who cares?" instead of ignoring it.

I did not see one person insulting the individual in the story. I used to write puff journalism. In 2003, I was the weekend reporter for a local paper and I covered such exciting stories as, an Easter egg hunt, a guy's 100th birthday party, a sled hockey (for handicapped children) game, and many a carnival and fair. So I know about puff pieces.

This article stunk. The article simply said, as stated by others, "this guy has 28,000 cards, which is a huge amount, they remind him of his father and he puts them in bins."

That's it. So card collectors and dealers who have 280,000 or more cards think, "big flippin' deal, I have more than 28,000 1988 Donruss cards laying around in my attic." This makes them criticize this horrendous story.

Whether the person involved is in a group home or not, those all of a sudden high and mighty how nobody should criticize the article because he might be in a group home, how the hell were we supposed to know by reading the article? Was I staring at his picture trying to see what was in the background? No, I read a lousy article about a dude with 28,000 baseball cards wondering why it was news.

Now I wasn't one of the people to post negative things here, but when I read this, I marveled at how dumb of an article it was.

Bottom line, I would hope if anyone on here knew this story was about a guy who is mentally challenged uses baseball cards to give himself a happier life, well I certainly hope they wouldn't criticize him. But that is not what happened and that is not what the article is about.

Sorry whateveryournameis, you don't write well enough to be a yahoo contributor, and I think all you need is a pulse to get that gig!
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