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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
Not sure I understand what you are saying here. The teams that are done before the end of the draft cant pick any other players after their roosters are full so how would the be hosing the other teams? (I have never done keeper before so maybe there is something I am missing?)
This is a system question...but from what I understand, the ESPN draft computer system does not allow those folks that traded picks to draft. The people involved in the trade will have to pick for them (i.e. I'll have to draft for Team Donovan in the 1st rd and then trade his selection to him after the draft). Therefore, all 12 teams will have to draft through 17 rounds. Even if I were to leave in round 15 (when I'm anticipated to have all my players), the system will still auto select for me in rounds 16-17 thus taking away two players from the FA list. So technically, I could still draft 19 players thus taking two away from the FA list for those that are still forming teams in the 16th & 17th rounds. Make sense?

By the way, from what I can see so far...the following teams will still need players beyond Round 17:
Show Me Your TD's (1 pick)
Sixburgh Steelers (1 pick)
Forming a Dynasty (7 picks)

I think an even better example is The Apocalypse. He finishes drafting in round 13 (should have all of his 17 players selected), but will still be able to hose other teams in rounds 14-17 because he has picks in those rounds (maybe "hose" isn't the right word). But he takes away players from being able to be selected in the draft only to end up putting them on the waiver wire because he has to drop players to take on his inbound players from trade selections by other teams for him.

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