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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
Okay I see what you are saying...Is there a way that the commish can customize the draft order each round? Yes, both my team (the apocalypse) and team donovan finish in rounds 13. Who knows if this will remain until the draft since more trading can be done but I do see what you are saying. What a headache this will be if it cant be customized
The draft pick tracker isn't updated, so you're the only one who finishes in Round 13. Team Donovan finishes in Round 14. I finish in Round 15. I don't think the system allows for customization of draft order in each round unfortnately, so yes. This is going to suck... as far as I know though, the comissioner can set rosters himself. So if something goes awry he'll be able to manually fix it.
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