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Just an update...

The Flawless/Immaculate break will broadcast LIVE on Blowout TV and will be tentatively scheduled to take place after the release of Immaculate (currently 11/13/13). The exact time/date of the break will be TBD.

As for the order of the cards pulled, we will list the cards in the order in which they are announced by Matt on Blowout TV. A Blowout Cards employee will be on-hand compiling a LIVE list of cards pulled as they are announced. We'll post this final list after the break.

Once the break is concluded and the list of cards has been posted, we'll randomize the Participant List 3 times to see who gets what! Everything will be recorded and posted to YouTube for all those who cannot make it to the live break.

And one more thing. We've decided to add he Flawless metal briefcase as an additional spot in the break. Also, all Kobe Anthology Packs will be lumped into one spot as well.
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