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ESPN will allow me to trade picks and have everyone set up before the draft in there current spots that not the problem...

As for things discussed before... if you are done drafting by round 13 then your done and u have ur 17 players...

If u have traded away players, u will pick at the end of the draft... if u guys want we can just make it waviers but thats basically the same thing as picking at the end of the draft

First to clear something up

I will try to make this as clear as possible

Champion picks 12th
Runner up picks 11th
Winner of the 3rd place game picks 9th (Reward for winning)
4th place picks 10th
Winner of 5th place game picks 7th
6th place picks 8

As for the losers bracket.. (Which will prob b me )

The winner of the loser's bracket picks 1st

and then so on...

So if in the loser's bracket u win the 3rd place game u pick 3rd overall

This method will prevent tanking!!

Also... ive been thinking a lot about draft order...

Originally i thought snake was the best option... now that i think about it and have done a ton of research a regular draft might be best...

for example if the winner of the loser's bracket wants to keep say adrian peterson for example...

then their first pick isnt until 24...

picking 1 and 24 isnt much better than 12 and 13

especially if u are keeping a 1st round pick...

Its definitley something we should think about

As for the arguement for snake, we are only keeping 3 players and therefore it isnt that big of a deal...

We should decide on snake vs regular very soon before the playoffs get closer...

For example, on this other website i use where there are keeper leagues... they keep 3 players regardless of where picked or anything..

and then there is a regular draft.. not snake...

i kind of think thats better

here are there rules

FantasyBowl - Rules & Scoring

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