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Originally Posted by stripedbass91 View Post
Honestly I have only been in leagues where snake drafts occurred...what exactly is a regular fantasy draft?
That means that if you get first overall pick, you get the first pick in every round...

I understand why some may think it is unfair that the worst team gets pick one and then has to wait until pick 24, but wouldn't it be more unfair to whoever finishes in ninth place? I mean, they'll get no money from the final standings, and they are stuck with the ninth pick every round...

I know that you think a regular draft would help the worst two or three teams, but it would also hurt teams seven through nine the most, and penalize those who did well this season much more than we should. A snake draft is the only to ensure that everybody starts on a somewhat even playing field in the draft...

Just my opinion, but I can't see how a regular draft would help more people than a snake draft...
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