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Originally Posted by usafshelland View Post
I'd vote for regular draft each round...(and I think I'll finish middle of the pack) this point I would also vote to going to 4 keepers if we do move to a regular draft.

I know we shouldn't propose new rules, but we also didn't consider all aspects during the preseason and you learn of things during the season. So the rules should be refined and likely will be refined over the next 3 years as situations arise.
Any more than three keepers dilutes the draft too much. If everybody were to keep four players on their team, that's forty eight players already taken from the draft pool. That means in the first two rounds, we might even see a backup RB be taken. How can that be a good thing for teams?

Plus, many people have already made moves (or not made moves) planning to keep three players on their team for next year. If we were to decide to change it to four keepers per team, the earliest we should do it after the next draft, that way, people can plan for it in the upcoming draft AND through trades during the season...
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