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Current Melt Value Of Coins - How Much Is Your Coin Worth?

is good for circulated coin pricing (melt prices) but really wont do what I think you are looking for...

I am not familiar with a site that quotes everyone's sale prices. It would be nice to have when buying pms but I just have the companies I buy from bookmarked. It only takes a few minutes to calculate shipped cost on whatever I'm buying from three different sites and go with the cheepest that day.

Modern Coins, World Coins, Silver Eagles, Gold Buffalos, Bullion | SilverTowne
APMEX | Silver, Silver Bar, Silver Bars, Silver Bullion, Gold and More - |
Buy Silver Coins, Silver Bullion and Buy Gold | Gainesville Coins

are the three I have bought from so far

Hope that helps.
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