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I agree with this

Lets also not forget that u dont have to keep 3 players

My guess is most ppl will but i can c ppl not

Like ik right now the chiefs defense is a top defense

Some1 may trade me like a 12th round pick to get the chiefs and then keep them as a 10th

Just a possibility like that

Originally Posted by usafshelland View Post
After thinking about it, yes, it will be almost impossible to plan for keepers until you know what another manager is keeping, unless you are for sure locked in. (I for one am locked in unless I can get some kind of amazing trade). Maybe based on final REGULAR season games, the #1 team has to commit to keepers by x date, then the #2 team by x date, etc. So the benefit will go to the #12 team for planning out their keeper list (team whom finishes the worst in regular season).

We'd have to work on timing though... person A has until 12 hours after the final game of preseason week 4 to declare, person B 24 hours, person c 36 hours, etc. FINAL keeper declaration would take approximately 6 days from the end of preseason week 4, but I don't think it will actually take all 6 days to do so. Should you not declare a FINAL list of keepers during the week leading up to the draft, your INITIAL keeper list will be institutionalized for your team.

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