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Okay--here's the quick and dirty recap (I'll do proper scans of the sketches and list everything out on a Box Break post).

First of all, the base art is outstanding. I never collect base sets, but I think I'll get a binder for this one because the art is that good.

I'll start off with the sketches. I'll admit that I was expecting to be disappointed with all the hype about the great sketches we've seen from Alvin. While there were a few specific sketches I was hoping against the insane odds I would end up with and I didn't get one of the loaded packs, I'm very happy with what I got. And there's no question the average quality, at least in my case, is miles better than Heritage.

I still need to go back through my stack to see if I missed any SP variations, but here's some of the different versions you can get of a card (from left to right: Heritage, concept, extra gore, base). The concept cards are really cool IMO.

Here are some of the other variations and autos I got:

I'm not a big manufactured patch guy, but these are pretty sweet:

And here are the golds:

I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.
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