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Originally Posted by Michael Miracle View Post
Wouldn't it be easier to say everyone must have keepers set before the start of the first week of the preseason, and then you are allowed to make ONE change the following week to their keepers after seeing everyone else's keepers, so that by the end of preseason week two, we all know the keepers one hundred percent, and we can prepare for the draft?
Originally Posted by Jwalker View Post
I think maybe one person a day starting with the winner and going down in the standings. Maybe after the 3rd preseason game the 1st place keepers are due at noon the 2nd the next day and so on.. But again I am ok with the majority decision it is neat to have that somehow incorporated
I think a full day is too long... it would take 12 days to get through the process technically so we would be well past week 4 by the time all keepers are delcared. I think 12 hours is a decent time frame, plus you can adjust for any injuries that may occur during week 4 of the preseason. I actually think that even 12 hours may be too long... maybe something along the lines of 6 hours. Granted, I don't think every team is going to take 12 hours to declare.
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