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i only broke two cases last night and he is my honest, non-biased assessment.

First the good:

Wow! considering I only have one "bad" where do i start? the base card stock, the base card art, the story, the medallions, the patches, the other hits, the golds (look great!), the inserts, the collation, the QC - this is a fantastic release and topps should be very proud.

the lone bad:

man the sketches were a big miss. i got 16 sketches and at least 12 are hurried, MA Heritage type sketches. What a letdown after seeing all the ones here that were previewed. and only 1 of the other 4 was stellar.

of course, two cases is a very small sampling but that's all i have to go on for now. will break a lot more today/tonight. overall, this is going to be a strong release, especially if those patches and medallions catch on, which i think they will!
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