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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
i only broke two cases last night and he is my honest, non-biased assessment.

First the good:

Wow! considering I only have one "bad" where do i start? the base card stock, the base card art, the story, the medallions, the patches, the other hits, the golds (look great!), the inserts, the collation, the QC - this is a fantastic release and topps should be very proud.

the lone bad:

man the sketches were a big miss. i got 16 sketches and at least 12 are hurried, MA Heritage type sketches. What a letdown after seeing all the ones here that were previewed. and only 1 of the other 4 was stellar.

of course, two cases is a very small sampling but that's all i have to go on for now. will break a lot more today/tonight. overall, this is going to be a strong release, especially if those patches and medallions catch on, which i think they will!
Not happy you pulled a lot of what you consider poor sketches (would be curious to see them) but glad to hear that otherwise you're very happy. Very pleased there was lots for you to enjoy! Hopefully you'll pull some gem sketches in your next few cases and make up for what you didn't like.
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