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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
will post them tonight or link you to ebay - again it's only two cases so i am not worried here but had to post honest assessment of those two cases.

oh and just checked - gelavi LOWERED his master set to $39.99 with BO! he sold five already. i will let him sell his off; i am not matching him or stormshadow this time around b/c i believe in the quality of this release!
This is pretty much why I am done breaking cards in general, non-sport and sport. The wave of case breakers right now absolutely slaughter the market right off the bat. Look what happened with GPK chrome. I was preselling sets for $50-$60 each then here comes the listings at sub $30 and lower. Amazing.
If you ask me what is the least I will take, then I am going to respond with, "What is the most you are willing to pay?"
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