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Originally Posted by alvin View Post
I can show you the two i've seen pulled around the office. A Jeremy Scott and a Lee Bradley. Neither are "gems" but both are nice.

And that's the point-- we tried not to put too many rushed stinkers into the set. There will never be ZERO because we can't control what artists do and can only afford to scrap so many... but between "trimming the fat" so to speak and finding a new crop of talent this time around, the average quality is going to be much higher on this set.

You guys aren't going to get a true sense for at least a week. Plus people tend to always expect at least one Charles Hall/Gary Kezele/Ted Dastick-level sketch in their case, and the odds are ALWAYS stacked against them on those types!
Well based on two cases I don't agree. I don't expect CH/GK per case. I happen to think Teranishi is a good artist and would consider him a decent pull. I have been doing this a long time and don't resort to hyperbole. My two cases had lame sketches, period. It happens. As I said, it is NOT a true representation of sketches across this whole release.

I opened 8 cases of SW GF2 (initial preorder). I had the worst 8 cases' worth of sketches in my life. I trashed the product. I was lucky to average $10 per sketch across all 8 cases. But I kept reading of other decent breaks. So I ordered more. And boom I got two really nice cases. I have since ordered another 10 cases, and only one was a stinker and the rest had really nice art! So there is no reason for anyone to read too much into a simple two-case break here.
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