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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Well based on two cases I don't agree. I don't expect CH/GK per case. I happen to think Teranishi is a good artist and would consider him a decent pull. I have been doing this a long time and don't resort to hyperbole. My two cases had lame sketches, period. It happens. As I said, it is NOT a true representation of sketches across this whole release.

I opened 8 cases of SW GF2 (initial preorder). I had the worst 8 cases' worth of sketches in my life. I trashed the product. I was lucky to average $10 per sketch across all 8 cases. But I kept reading of other decent breaks. So I ordered more. And boom I got two really nice cases. I have since ordered another 10 cases, and only one was a stinker and the rest had really nice art! So there is no reason for anyone to read too much into a simple two-case break here.
I think that's pretty fair. Appreciate your viewpoint.
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