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Originally Posted by Tim View Post
Without dealers there is nothing to buy.

I was thinking about this earlier. A lot of collectors jump for joy when dealers like gelavi or stormshadow undervalue stuff (so they can grab it). But there are two directions here:

1.) the product itself is so good that those collectors really did get a bargain and can be thrilled about it.

2.) the two dealers mentioned set the bar too low and the product itself goes south. (collectors should not be happy in this case as their "good deal" doesn't turn out so good.) If a product is weak, this is what happens.

If a collector pays full market value and the product is good and goes up, collector is happy. If collector gets a steal and product is bad and goes down even from the "steal" price, collector is unhappy.

So the products themselves really ultimately tell the tale. GPK Chrome was mass produced and not received well, so dealers had to lower quick to get out and collectors stayed away. Look also at Breygent's Grimm, Transformers, and Dexter 4. But UD Marvel Premier and Retro had the opposite effect - wait to buy Premier stuff and price goes up. Good products will sell!

So many products are either overproduced or lacking in content, but MA Invasion is very strong and I believe these dealers selling too low will regret it later, but only time will tell. (Based on content and numbers Alvin hinted at as well as lack of retail, I would think MA:I will be solid.)

It's extremely gratifying to hear how happy many of you are with the quality of the set so far. I hope that continues.

To your point, I think dealers are underestimating interest or perhaps are just unaware of interest and are, as someone suggested earlier, just trying to pay some bills quickly.

But even heritage, i'm pretty impressed that boxes are maintaining their value. Maybe busted sets and loose sketches are down, but sealed product is still selling roughly about retail 16 months later.
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